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Disclaimers and Apologies

Anyone entering this site ought to be made aware of the fact that it lacks a serious amount of cohesion and that here and there I have missed things out. Whomsoever should raise my awareness to the aforementioned holes will, of course, be heeded, and I promise to do something about it within a short time of being informed. Short times are qualified on a cosmic scale so I may not get round to sorting things out for a millenia or five.

There is also the possibility of a breach of copyright in this site: if anyone spots such a blemish please inform me as I mean no disrespect I'm just not really sure what I am and am not permitted to do. And I don't claim to know anything about the law. Certain people have been credited with thanks on my Credits page, so if you are wondering who I have thanked, check there.

The roleplay section of the site is mostly my work, and all maps, stories and photographs are copyrighted to me. However, the characters are the property of the relevant players: without their stats, though, there isn't a lot to nick. All references to the AD&D rules are without authorisation; all suggested rules are merely house rules related to that very popular system.

I should warn you that although swearing and profanity has been kept to a minimum, there are some vestiges of it tucked away here and there. I find that it's rarely necessary to swear, but every now and again you just have to... Most of the swearing is very mild (and usually very English) but I apologise to anyone offended by such language: however, I feel that people who like to adhere to the rules of grammar may find this page more of a nightmare than those who can't handle swearing. My apologies to all who find this sight offensive, unbearable or sad.

There may also be reference to violence that may alarm or shock people: these are few and far between but I would like to reassure the reader that I am not a violent person, but that we live in a world surrounded by violence and sometimes if you can't beat them, join them. But not literally. So I also apologise if the references to violence are offensive - I assure you that no real persons, animals, vegetables or yellow herbs were harmed in the making of this webpage.


  1. Watch Stargate. It's a good show, populated by some decent actors trying to entertain you. Don't let them down.
  2. Don't watch the so-called New Adventures of Robin Hood. They have nothing whatsoever to do with Robin Hood who was, contrary to popular belief, not a cheesy American who look a little too much like David Hasselhoff for my liking.
  3. Watch Robin of Sherwood. It's well-made, reasonably realistic, British, historical and very entertaining indeed.
  4. Eat cheese. It's really tasty and goes with everything. Unless you're vegan - in which case, eat soya cheese. It's not nearly as nice but it does in a pinch.
  5. Ignore maths. It's hard, it's horrible, it's unnecessary and, above all, it smells.
  6. Go boating. Like, totally dude!
  7. Sing: It doesn't really matter what it is - just sing.
  8. Find a shape: Find your favourite shape and commune with it.
  9. Be silly: Say odd things like 'Warp cheese six Mr Cthulu' at least once a day.
  10. Quit your job. Especially if it's a rubbish one, like mine was. Set yourself a date and go for it. It's a very liberating experience.
  11. Make love, not war. It's cheaper, easier, less stressful and has a better retirement package.
  12. Play Tony Hawks Pro Skateboarder 4. Or 2. Or 1. Whichever takes your fancy. This may mean you have to buy a Playstation.
  13. Follow your Breams. Self explanatory if you ask me.


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