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At the moment my compadres and I are running several regular Campaigns; my old-skool AD&D game, Si's Kingdoms of Kalamar D&D, and Judas' WH40k. I'm also periodically running two high level D&D games, which are the same campaign, originally run on thursdays but now being run in several uber-sessions several times a year. It's been running since 1996, with only 1 original player remaining, even though he now lives quite a way away.
We like to run sessions with more of a character development angle in mind: the hack'n'slash elements are by no means diminished, but the emphasis has been taken away from magical weapons, gold and killing for experience. This way the characters are more finely crafted and a magic sword +1 becomes nothing to be scoffed at.
This page is primarily an aide-memoir to the players in the inappropriately titled 'Thursday' Campaign, but I'd like to think that other roleplayers might find something of interest here and non-roleplayers might have more rounded idea of what roleplay can be.
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Welcome To The Dungeon

Revenge is a dish best served with lumps of your enemies in it

This place is my Dungeon: a place where the darker and more sword-wielding side of my personality comes out. Where fiendish monsters lurk behind every door you kick in, where skeletons always emerge from long-lost tombs and where dragons do, on occasion, come sweeping down from the starry skies in all their magnificence and torch a town into char-grilled crispness.

In truth, few yet survive such terrible things: everyday people are butchered by goblins; horses are roasted over fires by bugbears, sword-wielding fools are incinerated by creatures more fabulous than their imaginations will allow... and yet some few do survive to fight another day. They emerge from the pile of dust and ash, battle-worn and scarred and swear to never lay down to die until the enemy is rid from the world. It is into this world that I ask you to enter...

Do you know anything about lifting voodoo curses?
Oh yes, I know a lot about lifting voodoo curses, that's why I'm a talking skull on a spike.


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I wanted you haunting me but not just yet
Give the memories time to blossom into regret