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For those of you who don't know, Enjr is not a real person. In fact, she no longer is an unreal person in the present tense. She was a roleplay character of mine: one of my first and one of my favourite. And, if you're interested, here is a little of her story.


The Beginning

There were, just to confuse you, two beginnings to Enjr (pronounced EN-ee-er, not 'Enya' or with anything resembling a j in it): her true beginning and the beginning she remembers.

Her Version:
For Enjr, it all began when a strange wolf-man woke her up. She was lying unconscious in some snow at the time and had no recollection of how she came to be there. Her first memory was of looking up at three men, looming like giants over her.
The three men were Howl (the aforementioned wolf-man), a woodsman and Kline, a paladin of Valerais. And they and their companians were to become the core of her life... and death.

The Original Version:
Enjr was born on Athas and grew up as a preserver. Little more is known, but at some point she was caught in a magical warp hole that sent her through space to Mystara. It also wiped her memory.


The Middle Bit

The main part of Enjr's story is long and complicated, and would take me a very great amount of trouble to recount in it's entirety, but since you are still reading this, I can only assume that curiosity has at least vaguely gripped you and so I shall endeavour to cover as much as I can.


Stefan von Bismarck

Enjr found herself in an unusual adventuring party: led by a paladin by the name of Kline, they were based in the town of Klein in Thunderift, Mystara. As Kline and Klein are pronounced the same, this led to a great many 'where's Kline?' 'About thirty miles north' type jokes. The rest of the party were the usual assorted mix of adventurers; a prostitute called Sasha, a wolf-man called Howl, a female pirate called Lucille, Honest Jack Farmerson the farmer's son and his cow, a barbarian called Gorand, a female mage called Katala, a psionicist called Frederika and now a female druid: Enjr.

They were beset with troubling times in Thunderift; someone was trying to take over and the party were trying to stop them. They prevented an alliance between the bugbears and the goblins, had their horses eaten far too many times and generally made a nuisance of themselves. During this time, the party changed: Honest Jack and Howl left to pursue an underground threat, Katala found a familiar in the form of a firedrake called Arianne, Venli, an elven fighter, joined them as well as a babe of a thief called Heather.

It turned out that all the trouble in Thunderift was due to one man and his dragon: Stefan von Bismarck. The real trouble for the party, however, lay in the fact that he was an old lover of the mage, Katala, and he still loved her. Unfortunately this led to her kidnap by a green dragon who wished to hurt von Bismarck (we never found out why) and so we had to go and save the poor child. It was at this time that Zendrolian turned up; and a handy ranger he was indeed.

They saved Katala and went to confront von Bismarck but disaster struck: He said: "Join me, Katala" and she said "yes". And then everything went to pot. Stefan escaped and the party chased him to his stronghold where Heather got them inside. Sneaking around beneath the castle, though, a vampire took the life of Venli and the humanity of Heather, while Frederika was disemboweled by some goblins.

Finally the party reached the main chamber and burst in: flames shot from the walls and charred everyone quite nicely, at which point a parallel party, led by a guy called Kieran (whom they had met before) entered the room too. In the ensuing chaos, Kieran slew Stefan but was slain himself and Kline captured Katala. When she refused to change her mind about Stefan, Kline (the good friendly paladin) squished her head like a melon against the wall.


The Isle of Dread

A joyous time was had by all in this part of Enjr's story! After the party had dealt with Stefan von Bismarck, they returned to Klein to find it had been razed to the ground by goblins. I don't know why, but the party decided that the next course of action was to travel through the mountains (for Thunderift was surrounded by them) to Karamakeios, probably because they had found out that Kline's real identity was Prince Arutha of Karamekios. Crown Prince at that. The party expanded with the addition of a blob called Little One and a halfling fighter female called Dlobia. So they travelled to the capital city, Specularum, and there Zendrolian had a bit of a religious visitation and became imbued with a burning desire to go to the Isle of Dread to get some crystal and some sword that would save the world or something. Unfortunately, Enjr rather fancied Zen at the time and promised to follow him to the ends of the earth. He put her down in his book as one of the first disciples and she was rather disappointed. Also while in Specularum, Lucille slept with the Dread Pirate Roberts, and became pregnant. Little did she know that the Dread Pirate was in fact Cirrus, the new Arch Enemy of the party.

The stay in Specularum was disasterous as a whole. Enjr was not permitted to leave the palace grounds and in an attempt to escape was captured and locked in a room. It was at this point that Little One decided to pay a visit on her by creeping under her door. Having seen him kill people by dessication, she was afraid and when he moved towards her she panicked and attacked him with her flame blade, igniting him and the whole room.
Kline came and save her but sustained serious damage himself and Little One was killed. Fortunately for the blob, however, he was reincarnated in the form of a sailor, also called Little One.

Before they left the palace, Enjr grew acquainted with a groom by the name of Joe (who was stunningly gorgeous (19!!)) and so it was that when it came for the time of the party's hurried exit, she grabbed him and dragged him onto the ship with her. And so they set sail for the Isle of Dread.

The journey itself was long and arduous. The ship was followed by that of the Dread Pirate Roberts, who attacked it many times. He killed Zen and Joe in two separate attacks, leaving Enjr feeling hollow and empty, especially since the person who had been the whole reason for the voyage in the first place was now dead.

The ship was sunk at some point or another but not before Kline had taken himself and Cirrus to a watery grave. Little One also died again -- this time permanently -- and the party gained three able bodies in the forms of Milo (a half-giant), Keddan, a defiler mage and Kristophe, a fighter elf. At last they did indeed reach the Isle of Dread and there the party split into two parts; one to seek a sword and one to seek the black crystal.

Milo lost his life to wraiths in an attack, but was resurrected by the nymph ("pretty lady" as he used to call her) who he had rescued. After much arduous questing the party did indeed find the end of the quest - a whole heap of trouble, a giant cooking pot and the only way out was a quick trip into Hell. Without further ado the whole party dived through the portal and went straight to hell. (Author's note: Sorry about the slightly confusing bit here; I can't quite remeber what happened! It was four years ago now and a little hazy at the time).


Hell and Other Dimensions

Once in hell they were beset by Baatzu and other nasty hell-dwelling creatures and while there, they managed to find Cirrus. He freed himself and attacked the party, who were busy running away at the time. In the end Kristophe alone stopped to attack him and they were both killed, if not in the actual combat, then by the hoardes of Baatzu that bore down on them moments later. The party kept on running until they reached Smith's Emporium, where they took a well-earned momentary break.

While in Smith's Emporium they learned two things: 1) that they could save Kline from his not-death on Athas; 2) that they could not go straight home to Mystara, that they had to go via at least one other world. They decided to free Kline first (for a price) and the portal appeared just in time to save our 6th level paladin from attacking (and probably killing, knowing Kline) the Dragon of Athas (see Kline Syndrome if you think I'm exaggerating).

Stepping through the portal, the party were transported to a strange, dark city (Seattle in the Shadowrun for those who know it) where big dragons ate people as they walked down the street. One of these dragons, still digesting a person, attacked Dlobia and when we attacked back, it oozed a viscous black blood everywhere. The party was intact, but the man was beyond saving. Realising that they had to find Smith's Emporium to escape from this dimension, three of the party members went into a shop to ask directions. These were the three most normal looking party members (bearing in mind that we were walking around with a 12' giant and a paladin in plate mail): Enjr (in druidic robes and scimitar), Sasha (in tight, revealing leathers (she was a prostitute)) and Dlobia (3'6" with purple hair and a short sword). Anyway, they went into this shop at the wrong time -- there was a heist going on and they became a convenient distraction for the shop-keeper. All hell broke loose but somehow the three of them managed to overpower the gun-toting robbers and get directions, too. Admittedly they trashed the shop and Sasha got covered in marshmallow sauce...

They made it to Smith's Emporium without more difficulty (now carrying shotguns ("firesticks") in addition to their medieval get-up) only to find that they had to do the same sort of thing again; pass through another dimension to find Smith's Emporium to get back to Mystara. So they did.

This time they were transported to a world where flashing, burning lights were the weapons (Necromunda) and the party were under attack from the moment they stepped out of the portal. Without stopping, they ran blindly through the maze of metal structures, taking damage but otherwise surviving when suddenly Corporal Tanner (I cannot remember when he joined the party) went down. Kline went back to help him and the rest of them ran on, leaving them to fend for themselves.

They reached Smith's Emporium alive and waited a little while for Kline and Tanner, but to no avail; so they took their chances with the portal and this time they got back home, somewhere in the north of Karamekios. They all travelled to Specularum where they parted company.


A Five Year Gap

While in Specularum, Enjr realised that, after all she had been through, her faith in her god Korotoku was no more and she renounced him. This lead to a few not-so-coincidental hostile encounters with other clerics of Korotoku, but she survived them and escaped to the forests with the help of Keddan. While there she underwent a transformation into a figure 8' tall and vaguely tree-like, that had a visible phosphorescent glow. She didn't realise until one day, while out checking the forest's perimeter, she saw a familiar figure up ahead: Dlobia! At first the halfling did not recognise her, which is when Enjr realised that things had been dwindling in size of late. She decided it was time to leave the forest again, and catch up with her friends (for Dlobia was going to a wedding in Specularum) and so she joined her.



Upon reaching Specularum they did indeed meet up with the rest of the party who were still alive and caught up with them. While there, too, something crashed into the ground and from it emerged Kline, Tanner and 20 soldiers of the Imperium, all armed with blasters and rifles. Much celebration occurred as it was Kline's sister who was to be wed.

Events are a little sketchy at this point, but suffice it to say that there was a beautiful wedding and then the party changed locations (unfortunately I can't remember how they moved or where they went) to a fort or keep in some wilderness. While there they were attacked but managed to repel the assault: Enjr pushed over a siege engine in the fighting as she had lost all ability to use a weapon.

While at this place, Tanner accidentally shot a civilian secretary called Shiela as the group of civvies were running from some wolves and Tanner was put on trial for murder. Everyone knew he was guilty so Kline went and gave him a gun and asked him to do the honourable thing and kill himself while Dlobia and Enjr decided to try and free him by sneaking across the courtyard (8 ft tall glowing person didn't sneak very well). Needless to say they were caught and a terrible fight broke out in which Enjr killed a few of the guards but for some reason this wasn't an issue. I can't remember why as this all happened in the last two sessions and the rest of the campaign had taken a year. It's a shame that the details are so sketchy. Anyway, Tanner went on trial the next day and was found guilty, the punishment to be death. Milo was enraged and ran across the courtyard killing people as he ran, trying to save Tanner. Ed realised that no one else could stop him and attacked Milo, sticking his sword of sharpness right between his shoulder blades. Tanner also died, but I can't remember if it was in the fight or if he was actually executed.

The rest of the story is a haze: Enjr cocooned herself for a little while and when she emerged (unaware of everyone's wish to kill her) she had blonde hair, was much more attractive and had the ability to do things with her mind. One of the things she did was to localise an earthquake on Specularum as they were leaving in a ship. Her belief was that trees and nature should prevail over the humans. The city collapsed from the quake (the effects of which didn't reach the ship) and trees and plants began to grow through the rubble. Unfortunately, Sasha was killed in the earthquake, as was much of Kline's family.

Also at this time Keddan showed up and he too was changing, into some kind of lizard (a dragon) and Enjr felt a burning need to destroy him. She held off, though, for she didn't feel that she was powerful enough.
The one time they were going to get an artefact of some kind to save the world with (presumably) and to get to it the party had to cross a bridge... with a beholder on it. With her new-found power, Enjr blew the creature into a greasy smear, but also blew up the bridge in the process. The ungrateful party watched as she flew into the ravine that the bridge had been spanning in an attempt to repair the damage, at which point Keddan struck. They fought a difficult battle but in the end he won, tearing her throat out as she fell into the ravine...


The End



After Enjr died, the party wanted to attack Keddan but he was warned off by an arrow that missed him. I believe he ran off with the artefact that the party had been seeking. What happened next I don't know, but it all came to a head in a floating castle where the god Kalthas killed a god whose name began with an A while Kline and Dlobia ran around trying to kill someone (Keddan, I think). In the end Kalthas sent Keddan back to Athas, where he belonged and the world settled back into its normal self.

Kline married an elf queen and ruled as king in one of the northern lands, while Dlobia returned to her homeland, the Five Shires, to rule as Mayor. The city of Specularum could never get rid of its woody population and hence became known as the City of Trees.

On a character note, Enjr was a very lonely person, especially at the point where she died. Through her actions and new-found power she alienated all those people she had once called friends. I really enjoyed having her as a character but now she is laid to rest and I think that is the best place for her.

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