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Campaign #3 Non-Player Characters

The only thing you give an NPC is a push through the door...

Yet more of those pesky non-player characters for your perusal, this time from the depths of the thus-far incomplete Third Campaign...






Corman Melthiss





The Undead Hordes








Good Guys

BELTAR THAN'COR: Beltar is the Keeper of Chronicles, Guardian of the Seal and Watcher of the 25 Gods. He encountered the party during the second campaign, and has emerged once again to direct them after 20 years of absence.
THE'TANI: Te'tani was the name of the greatest hero of the 25 during the war 10,000 years ago. Like Gethirah, the gods and prophets are certain he has returned, but no one knows where he is or what form he takes. For a time he seems to have been reincarnated in Dalbarwan Smallone, but now his soul has moved on, and the location is unknown.
SORCEROR-KING PLATIR: Sorceror-King of Epratium, Platir helped the party to escape from Chunn when it was under martial law. He is now married to Frayer Hal'Baird and has a new-born son called Ral'Partha. He is the single most powerful wizard in the world, and has been helping in the war by providing resources when he can, although he is currently preoccupied with the undead army ravaging the nations to the east.
REDD-KAMARIL'YV: redd is a dreamwalker who met the group when they were forced into the dream realm to help arkh-Shamier'yv. She has helped Jason a little to harness his natural dreamwalking talent. She is arkh-Shamier'yv's cousin (their mothers were sisters) and the same race as he - half Eleurian, half-Ashaba. The theory is that her body is dead, and her spirit so strongly tied to the dream realm that her spirit fled there while she slept, and stayed there when she died. She helps the party when she can, although her talents and abilities are limited.

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Bad Guys

GETHIRAH, INQUISITOR GENERAL OF LANIXA: Ten millennia ago, Gethirah was the leader of Lucifer's forces - his chosen champion. Towards the end of the war, he and his nemesis (The'tani) killed one another, but recently it was suspected that he would be returning, probably reincarnated. However, his return was more personal than anyone imagined. After the main party settled in Dervish town, they met a young man called Michael who had lost his memory. They liked him a great deal because he was polite and kind, but one day he went missing. Ten years later he turned up in Dervish again - as Gethirah. Not only that, but Gethirah is the Inquisitor General of Lanixa, capable of prosecuting anyone for crimes such as witchcraft and demon-worshipping (without evidence). Surprisingly, he actually spared Gomez's life when he met him, claiming thanks for kindness a decade before. However, he also threatened Gomez, saying that his family would be at risk if he were to get involved in Gethirah's business, and he came good on that threat when Gomez went to investigate the third seal. Currently he is holding hostage Gomez's pregnant wife Peace, his daughter Joy and graddaughter Tranquility, as well as Matthew Scorupco, demanding Serenity or he will kill them.
AUSTELL LIAQUAT: A cleric of Lucifer, originally Austell worked for Inisrya, until the party overwhelmed him, dangled him off the back of their flying carpet and demanded that he change his evil ways. Needless to say, he didn't, and has since become an incredible thorn in the party's side. As Gethirah's right hand man, he has a finger in every pie - he broke the third seal, killed Seren, killed and kidnapped various members of the party's families and recently recovered Tazeel and all of Gethirah's possessions.
THE UNDEAD HORDE: The Undead armies that are currently plaguing the lands of Alesia are considered to be one of the Great Evils at large in the world at the moment. They are allegedly led by a great Necromancer astride a red dragon, or possibly two, bringing flames and undeath to those who oppose him. It is reputed that the army is in many factions, each led by a mighty necromancer, but the truth is hard to distinguish from the multitudes of fabrications and exaggerations. Recently, the leader of the army revealed his identity, as being the son of Cimosco, and demanding that the adventurers who killed his father to be handed over.
TAZEEL: From what the party has been able to gather, Tazeel is a pit fiend, and was Gethirah's chief general in the Great War. He was undefeated in combat, but absent from the final conflict, when Gethirah and The'tan'i slew one another. Rather than be sealed in Hell with the other Baatezu, though, Tazeel was sealed in a cavern near one of the seals, and charged to guard some of Gethirah's possessions until the hero returned and collected the goods. The party, however, found him first, and tried to hide it from their enemies, but Tazeel was found and removed from his prison by Austell, and perhaps others.
INFYRANA: The red dragon (great wyrm) that was at the heart of Dragon Mountain, Infyrana was defeated, but not killed, by the combined might of the party. When Dragon Mountain vanished nine days after she fled, no one but the kobolds knew if she actually caught her ride to the next plane.

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CORMAN MELTHISS, LORD OF MORLE: Known to the party initially because he is Inisrya's companian, Corman did little to actually harm the party - except killing Louis, of course. He is alleged to have killed Louis' parents, is known to have stopped Inisrya killing Gomez and he even tried to save Raznak when he was attacked by Inisrya's mercenaries. However, he was a chief demon-consorter and is involved in all the evil that Inisrya was doing, including kidnapping young Elven females and buying holed bathtubs. Although, in the final reckoning, he killed Louis in a confrontation that involved a ludicrous number of healing potions, when his demon mistress was slain, he surrendered to the party and they took him prisoner. However, this proved to be a difficult thing for them to deal with and he more joined them as a comrade-in-arms than a prisoner to be tried and executed for his crimes. He vanished for a couple of decades, but recently emerged again with Serenity, the daughter of Inisrya, at his side. He is known to have helped Austell break the Third Seal, which involved the killing of elves again, and he was the deliverer of a note from Gethirah which informed the party that their families had been kidnapped. His loyalties, however, are suspect, because he tried to contact the party at that time. However, they dumped him in the crap with his employers and they haven't seen him since.
SERENITY: A beautiful young woman with the wings of a bat, or indeed a daemon, Serenity is the daughter of Inisrya and Quistin. The party thought she had been killed, but it turns out that their enemy pulled the old gypsy switch on them before the final battle and got her daughter away from the fighting. As a result, Serenity grew up unaware of her parentage (although aware that she had been adopted) but eventually Corman found her and filled her in on the general situation. When the party met her, she was trying to learn more about her father. What she was told was not very complimentary, however. Later, Gethirah demanded that the party hand her over in return for their families, but they refused to aid their enemy, and currently Serenity is hidden away on a demiplane with Tal.
ELEMENTALS: Each of the elements has chosen a representative to help them communicate more ably with the wider world, in preparation for the war ahead. However, the position of the various elements is uncertain. The Earth elementals have Adam Gomez as their spokesperson, as the payment for lending the party the Ship that Sails on Land and Sea. The Air elemetals have an avariel called Faeyana Thele, the Fire elementals have the Sun Elf, Arcax, and the Weather elementals have chosen Portrathos, even though they are the weakest of all elementals. The water elementals have yet to chose a representative.

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