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GIAN IV: A History

Gian IV is a small planet circling an average G-class star, rather like our own. It is one of eight planets, being the fourth from the star. Its inhabitants are unaware of the other planets, perceiving them as other stars in the varying night sky. Gian IV has two moons - Gana and Oria - who orbit one another as they orbit the world. Gana is a creamy-white colour while Oria is a Martian red.

The population of the planet is spread quite thinly, being in a medieval era. There are a great many nations and races; while humans dominate there are also Elves and Dwarves present. Halflings and gnomes are often seen, sometimes having their own nations, and a newer race, called the Vanyak, have begun to integrate themselves into the generally multi-cultural societies of the civilised world.

Gian IV has magic, not just that of wizards and sorcerers, but also that granted by the gods, too. Their gods are very powerful, although insular, and shield the world from potential off-world visitors, including spell-jammers and spherewalkers. As a consequence, it is a difficult place to get to, and most decent folk do not bother, for there is little there that cannot be obtained elsewhere in the galaxy more easily. However, while their gods protect them, they also smother them.

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