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The Players

Here, for your delectation, is a small summary of the players who grace my roleplay tables and the other roleplay tables mentioned in this webshite


The persons in the above image are in fancy dress (they don't normally look like that) and are, from left to right: the late Dark Jedi as Gereth, Blade as Dante, Flakes as Chiane and yours truly as Theah. Aren't we a scary lot?



Characters: Talindra, Lydia
Amy is our youngest group member, but she's had quite a bit of previous experience of the games. She is studying Law at Uni, running a D&D campaign and has a job and so should be the busiest person I know! But she has good time-management skills, so she does get to have a life as well! She has a multitude of characters in other games, all of whose names all seem to begin with E or A. There will be a proper picture of her here very soon, as soon as I get the scanner working. In the meantime, since she had a dream in which we were all members of SG-1, those of us without pictures are represented by our SG-1 double, courtesy of Amy's fevered imagination. She is Daniel, I think because they both have floppy hair. Not sure though. I think Funktime and I both wanted to be Daniel as well.
Amy has a lot of interests outide roleplay, including Magic the Gathering and any other CCG she can get her hands on. She likes films and cool TV shows like Buffy. She also helps her step-dad out at wargames fairs, reminding people that girls play games too. She is quite a bit younger than the rest of us, which makes for some funny conversations ("What do you mean you've never watched the A-Team?!") but we love her really.



Characters: Karl, Sarah, Gomez, Aeren, Tarracyn, Den Zarrd Blade has been described as not only tall, but also strange, and he has been a central player in our roleplay since the beginning. He has played a number of characters in my own campaign, as well as Dante (see above image) in Judas' campaign, Locus in 40K and Wesley Archer in the aptly named Wacky World of Wesley. He's not GMing at the moment, but I have hopes for the future...
Blade is no longer an engineer, he has left that path behind him and is now looking for a new one (suggestions on a postcard please). He loves films, GTA III and Vice City, his computer, hoodies and grey tabby kittens. He is also very good at faking interest in complex barbarian cultures and Roman spear heads. Amy dreamed that Blade was Jack O'Neill, and there is a certain similarity of personality... and clothing.



Characters: Morwen, Louis, Ethan, Fritz (Otto)
Sadly, Dark Jedi actually died on February 4th 2001, but his memory still lives on and I know his spirit is with us at the gaming table. His death was one of life's great injustices - at the hands of a cancer that should never be able to destroy a healthy 23 yr old, as DJ was. Still, these dedications are elsewhere on this site.
Dark Jedi was the first person to roll up a character for the campaign - and that character was Morwen. His ideas shaped a great deal of the Dwarves and the religions of my world. He also played Gereth in Judas' campaign (see above image) as well as Gwildur the halfling in MERPS and Cal the ranger in Blade's brief Belham setting.
He was a self-professed Star Wars maniac and read all the books, quoted the films backwards - he is the single biggest contributor to the stuff on this website! He was also a film lover and a big reader, reading almost anything he could get his hands on. He was famed for his pitta bread pizzas and skill at Goldeneye and Mariokart. He also played Bloodbowl and had a jolly good human team called Middenheim United.



Characters: Allundi, Jason, Akasha, Salam, Akima
I always think of Flakes as a late joiner to the group, but she's been playing for four years so I think it's time to stop pointing the finger and shouting 'newbie' now. She is a very keen reader of Dragonlance and is honing adventures on Krynn even as we speak... She played Chiane (see above image) and Tazmin in Judas' campaign, but is not as prolific a roleplayer as others. She has run a few sessions of MERPS and Cyberpunk 2020, and she and I have been planning on doing a gypsy-switch campaign where our characters are dumped in the present day Earth and we the players are flung into the Forgotten Realms.
Flakes loves programming and has rather a swish website at http://www.franflakes.co.uk. She loves more TV shows than I can name, including Highlander, Buffy, Voyager and SG-1, plus all the spin-offs and linked shows. I don't know how she finds the time to incorporate all her hobbies, plus her job, into her life. But somehow she does. Amazing.



Characters: Izzabarnabellabus, Alyia, Brigette, Portias PaladinofHallan
Funktime is another 'newbie' who has been with us for long enough now to warrant an upgrade to 'established member'. He has an obsession with bizarrely slender, blonde, beautiful and dextrous female characters (he's had 3ish so far) but then again, who can blame him? He also played in Judas' Forgotten Realms sessions as a dwarf called Gallax who turned into an elf called Arentherelthas... no stranger to the bizarre, then. He likes unusual characters it seems, if Izzybee, Alyia and Arenther are anything to go by.
His other interests stretch to computer games like Rogue Squadron and Eternal Darkness, although he's not a horror fan, which makes the latter particularly funny. He likes to draw, sing and sleep, and likes stuff because it's nice. He's a HUGE Stargate SG-1 fan, and is currently using his working day to read every SG-1 website in the universe. He's almost done it, too! Since amy dreamed he was Sam Carter, that's the picture I've given him, but it's hardly accurate. After all, Funktime's got dark hair. Not quite sure what was going on in Amy's mind that night...



Characters: Dalbarwan
Hari is an unusual roleplayer, often taking distinctive characters, and interesting variations on the norm wherever possible. I worry that perhaps I have put her off AD&D because, compared to her beloved D&D, it is terribly clunky and old-fashioned, unwieldy and unnecessarily complex, and everyone else at the table but her seems to hold a special place in their heart for it.
Hari is very much into ancient history, as well as Warhammer 40K, games of almost any variety and, well, roleplay. She loves it and has managed to play a fair old number of systems, including Warhammer, Wraith and Cyberpunk, and even tried her hand at a little DMing.



Characters: Frayer, Quistin, Kheldar, Silent Bob, Jimmy, Marcus H, Mei
Judas has played the most characters in the high level campaign: his total stands at 6 at the moment. He had to retire Frayer due to pregnancy, then he retired the party's first mage, Quistin: he managed to kill off the party's first knight, as well. He managed to get Silent Bob into retirement and reintroduce Quistin, only to have him die. Then Jimmy lasted about three sessions and is now on Marcus, the first proper roleplay baby I've ever had the fortune to imagine seeing. Marcus is currently taking a break but he'll be back...
Judas was running his own Forgotten Realms/Ravenloft campaign on the side, which is where the characters are from in the photograph at the top of the page. He has also been in the WH40K roleplay as several different characters as they kept dying. On a more personal note, Judas enjoys military strategy games, his girlfriend and curry/chilli in huge quantities. He is a fan of Ian Banks novels and, er, Star Wars. He was in Amy's crazy dream, as General Hammond - probably because they're both... from Texas? Bald? I know - both were in MacGuyver!



Character: Gabriel
Justin is another one of the newer players at the table, but he's great, and Gabe went from an innocent and niaive boy into a young man with experience and strength under his belt. Sadly, the campaign ended and so there hasn't been any Justin around this year, but maybe, just maybe, I might resurrect those old characters...
I don't know Justin as well as I know everyone else, about everyone else, but I do know that he plays a number of other games with the University's RAWSOC society, including Star Trek, which sounds like the most confusing roleplaying game in the whole world, and unless I am much confused, Justin's male character even got pregnant once... very odd!



Characters: Andaris, Waldez, Soliloquy
Hitchman isn't playing in my games at the moment after Andaris and Waldez died, but he is also a DM and has been running a D&D game as well, which I have been playing in. He and I have differing opinions about how the game works, mostly to do with the level of magic employed.
Aside from running his Forgotten Realms game, Hitchman has been playing Magic and loves his computer RPGs, like Baldurs Gate and stuff. This year he is the president of the university's roleplaying and wargaming society and has been involved in at least 3 D&D games. But next year he is set free by the education system, into the ether that it life. He loves Dance Dance Revolution, and has less bouncy hair than last year.



Characters: Zhou-Yu
Matt is the newest member of the group, genuinely this time, with not even a year under his belt. But he's been playing a while I suspect, and has probably the craziest characters EVER. He is tall, but contrary to popular belief, he isn't loud. That's simply the affect caused by the sound differential arising from the rest of us being short and therefore having the wrong sized ears. He looks absolutely nothing like Apophis, but what Amy dreams, I depict and so that's why he got the short end of that stick. It's probably his glowing eyes that did the trick.
Matt has lots of interests, including bring the rest of us round to thinking of anime as something other than weird Japanese cartoons. He's playing in 7th Sea at the moment as well as my D&D game, but he refuses to DM, claiming he's no good at it. A likely story if you ask me! He found the insanity that is Takeshi's Castle, invented the ever-popular Asgard-O'Neill index, likes cola bottles and is one of the Dream Team.



Characters: arkh-Shamier'yv
Another lost recruit, Rachel is reknowned for her beauty and her ability to create the most weird characters in the universe. Like Aureibhelin, who was only half a person; she was a phoenix that, when it combined with the other half of itself was a dragon-like creature. Oh, it's too complicated to explain in a few words. But suffice it to say that arkh-Shamier'yv was very wierd... he was, however very normal for one of Rachel's characters! Rachel originally was 'taking a break' from the campaign, but that was 4 years ago now and I can't quite see her coming back anytime soon, sadly.



Characters: Kaer, Sisski, Yliruin, Sun-Re, NPCs too numerous to mention
I'm going to keep this brief because this is me. I am running my campaign and have been for... about 6 years now. Bloody hell, that went fast. I've not really had any characters as such, but most people are familiar with Kaer and Schitz as old faves from 1996. I have also played Theah in Judas' campaign (yes, I'm in that picture at the top of the page. To my shame) and also Kira in 40K, Schro in Blade's thing and Calida in D&D. All this information is held elsewhere on this webshite. I like eating food and sleeping, as well as reading, listening to music and making crazy plans that will never come about. I like archaeology and other old stuff and I wish updating one's website didn't take so goddamn long.
I am Teal'c because I look just like him. I mean, I'm black, male, bald... well, actually I do do a bit of a half-accurate impersonation. But I'd rather be Daniel Jackson or Sam. I mean, I'm a scientist AND and archaeologist, you'd've thought one of them would count! Ah well, that's Amy's brain for you. At least she didn't dream that she ate a cat...



Characters: Lientei, Christine
Stephen is our Bloodbowl guru and general sorted bloke. He is bearded. He was the first player to leave the campaign, in this case due to the pressures of work (he was about 150 miles away, working) rather than a hatred for the campaign. He had only one serious character, Lientei, but also played Scrag in Judas' sessions and participates in several long ongoing cmpaigns, including Star Wars and Dragon Warriors. He is an Engineer and proud of it, living the Big Chill Dream in Poland. It doesn't look like he'll have the time to roleplay anymore, but there's a space at the table if ever he gets a spare 5 hours.



Characters: Angor, Marcus G, Xenthorn
Starchaser has played in the campaign virtually from the very beginning, and played Angor the Super Dwarf for three and a half years, with a brief break to play Marcus the battlemage. After 20 years, Marcus was a bit peeved with Morwen for destroying his country and when the dispute was unresolvable, Xenthorn stepped in. Starchaser seems to really love his mages, and uses them to great effect, refusing to be limited by magic quota... his wizards also always have something else up their sleeves to survive when all else fails (or runs out).
Starchaser is a very keen roleplayer and has tried most things at least once (or so it seems). He is very into martial arts - not just one but several - and also into computers. He loves cartoons and wants to play TOON but we never have it handy when we get drunk. But soon... I hope. He is not actually at my table at the moment, but hopefully he'll be back: I just hope he's not meaner than ever because that... would be bad.


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The Dream Team are the four individuals who defeated Sauron: Blade, Funktime, Matt and Rain.

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