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Campaign #5: Player Characters

You, you think you're such a bad-ass, you think you're such a rough-neck





















Psychic Warrior










All levels indicated are those the characters ended the campaign at.


Andaris Belladonna

Andaris was a hin, or a halfling as most people call them, but he stood only 2 and a half foot, small even for a small race. He was technically a wizard, and developed an altogether unhealthy fondness for fire...
He left his home in Shaani'del to go on a world walk, and on his travels he learnt his magic and a lot about monsters. However, afterjoining the party it became apparent that he was not altogether mentally stable, and ultimately his impulsive nature got him killed when he opened a door in an ogre fortress to find dozens of ogres behind it. He fought bravely, and died protecting his friends' retreat.
Stats: STR 6, Dex ?, CON ?, INT ?, WIS ?, CHA 15, COM 10.

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Gabriel Thorn

Gabriel, or Gabe as he is also called, hasn't had an easy life. His entire family was killed in a plague of pox, and since then he took up the sword and became an adventurer. He has simple pleasures - farming and polishing - but for all his ability and skill and hacking and maiming, he is still an innocent 16-year old boy inside.
He joined the party because he sought adventure, and indeed he has found it, and found some solid friendship within the group. Initially it looked like Andaris and Gabe were going to come to blows, but it seems our young hero has a knack for diplomacy and a bit of a soft side, really.
Stats: STR ?, Dex ?, CON ?, INT ?, WIS ?, CHA ?, COM ?.

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Talindra Liadron

Talindra is unusual, even for an elf, for a number of reasons. For one, she is a grey elf, which is the rarest type of land-dwelling elf, and for another, she is a psionicist. For a third, she is also very strong and a mighty warrioress to boot. She lives her life virtually from day to day, enjoying her time on the world, and recently she has chosen to share that time with Wade.
Talindra is also a bit more susceptible to cute things than many warriors, and she recently bought herself a baby kobold, whom she named Drusilla. Talindra gets on well with everyone in the party and tries to bring them happiness, mostly by match-making, which is generally recieved well at the time...
Stats: STR 17, DEX ?, CON ?, INT ?, WIS 15, CHA 11, COM 10.

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Father Wade Summers

Wade is the party priest, a young man from Jandarr whose rather disturbed childhood has left him with little but a coin and a desire to adventure. He follows Choadra, goddess of luck, and places all his decisions in her hands. She recently led him to share his bed with Talindra, and now they are set to be wed. He was recently turned into a vampire, but Gabe and Talindra, suffering the loss of Andaris and determined not to lose another friend, brought him back from undeath, and now he is something not altogether human, and a great deal better.
Wade is key to the group, not least because they were called the Party of Wade Summers and co for a while when they first started up, wanted a name and Andaris thought that Wade was a mighty hero of some kind.
Stats: STR 14, DEX 6, CON 12, INT ?, WIS 16, CHA 12, COM 12. 

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