Mental Health Warning


This website comes with an official warning from the Department of Health regarding the mental state of all those who encounter the site unprepared. For those with prior exposure to this environment the effects are significantly reduced.

The first symptom of mental health degradation is an inability to communicate effectively, usually manifesting itself in a tendency to invent new words, often ones that sound plausible. If the problem is caught at this early stage, it is almost certainly curable, but as the condition progresses and the symptoms become deeper and more profound, there is almost no cure except time itself.

Further symptoms include inane, erratic and obsessive behaviour, compulsive eating disorders, addiction to non-alcoholic beverages and talking to oneself. If left unchecked, the sufferer could feasibly become lost in his or her own world and almost completely incapable of functioning within normal society as an autonomous and acceptable unit.

If you are concerned about the state of your mental health, please feel free to fill in the questionnaire below, which will be forwarded on to the Department of Health (or your national equivalent). If you leave your details, someone will contact you with information on how to cope with this debilitating affliction.


How often do you invent words?






Please select your place of origin:


Other (please specify):


Please give details of any obsessions you are currently suffering from. If you would like more information to be forwarded to you from the Department of Health regarding Mental Health Disorders, please also include contact details, such as a mailing or e-mail address.





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